I’ve been trying to justify this blog for some time now. I’ve hit ‘delete’ on a number of versions of this About.

I’m trying to justify spending so much time, effort and money on a wedding day and its planning when there is so much poverty, war and hardship. I’m trying to justify spending so much time thinking about one day when my Quaker principles extols all days to be of equal worth and when I know that a marriage isn’t just about getting it right on one day and a marriage takes a lifetime of work and dedication.

The result is, I can’t justify either.

But the day is important to both me and my bride-to-be. Reconciling our concerns for the environment, international justice, Quaker principles and commitment to equality is going to be tough – if not impossible.

So I guess that’s why I’ve set up this blog. I want to be able to look back at past posts to make sure that we’re on track and haven’t waylaid our principles.

There are three main types of things that will get added to the blog.

About: About me, the wedding and the principles I/we want to maintain.

Musings: Usually circular ramblings about things. I’m a verbal reasoner (which can manifest itself in writing) so this is about helping me wrestle with some of the decisions that have to be made – spiritual and practical.

Research links: I’ll add here things that interest me along the way.

Enjoy the ride!


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