J Confesses

A couple  of weeks ago, when J and I got engaged, we were knocking about on the internet for inspiration and shits and giggles and came across the concept of ‘the wedding blog’. “Really?”, I said. “Really?!”

Erm, we appear to have one. As the URL suggests, I was completely 100% not responsible for this, but when he told me about it, I figured that’s ‘what’s yours is mine’ and all that, so I might as well get a look in! At which point, he got his first taste of what married life will probably be like. “‘Another happy groom, Another wedding blog!’ as the title? Really? The Dusk theme? This is meant to be the happiest day of our life!”, and lo, it was changed.

So yes. It’s quite convenient, really. I get somewhere to ramble about getting married without boring people stiff on my normal blog, and he gets to take the blame when people go “A wedding blog? Really?“. And he gets to have his spelling corrected. Sounds a good deal all round to me!


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