The engagement ring

It’s arrived!!! (In photo form at least).

In a move that has been described as “very us”, we arranged for a engagement ring to be specially made for us by a local craftsman.

Andrew Ashcroft has a workshop in Durham and was brilliant. We went in only to have a look and a chat but were so impressed by him and his work that we ended up ordering something on the spot. He spent half an hour talking to us and answering our daft questions without a hard sell. L and I went for lunch, went back and spent another half hour designing the ring in the smallest of detail for him to make.

About a week later we went to choose a stone from a selection and now it’s ready!!

It is (*ahem*) an 18 carat white gold band, 2.3mm wide with a rounded cross-section. The stone is set in the ring, raised slightly in a cylyndrical setting. The stone itself is a champagne diamond (slightly bronze tinge).

L can tell you more but because she designed it herself it is exactly what she wants. And it was made in the the place we spent 4 years and met so it means loads to us both. AND we’ve been able to support a local craftsman to boot.

I can’t recommend going local enough. Yes, it’s slightly more expensive – but we were given a large range of price options and were never encouraged to go over budget – but the designers out there are creating some really beautiful things (in contrast to some of the really hideous stuff available on the highstreet). There’s also lots of chance for a connection to a place. In our case, the connection is with a person, but things like Blue John stone from the Peak District are from the land itself.


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