Another Quaker Link

, while we’re on the subject.

‘Quakers in business’ was one of the topics discussed on Andrew Marr’s ‘Start the Week’ this Monday, and in fact I found the entire program thoroughly interesting.

One mistake that they do make is to say that Quakers cannot ‘marry out’. This is not true and hasn’t been since at least the 1830s (- I can’t find the exact date offhand). What is true is that if you are a non-Quaker intending to have a Quaker wedding ceremony, either because you are not in formal membership of the Society (an ‘attender’) or because your partner is a Quaker, then you have to undergo a discussion with at two or more Society members in order to ensure that you are “in unity with our testimony as to the nature of marriage, and have experience of our meetings for worship”. (Faith and Practice; 16.13)

F&P does also tactfully mention that “Quaker marriage is not an alternative form of marriage available to the general public, but is for members and those who, whilst not being in formal membership, are in unity with its religious nature and witness”. This is for legal, as well as religious reasons.

To return to non-matrimonal matters, you should be able to find the said programme on iPlayer here, at least for the next few days. I do particularly like Andrew Marr’s parting remark at the end of the show: “People of Britain, go and grab yourself a Quaker!”. Only not J, please. He’s spoken for already!


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