The Ceilidh Dress – Princess Victory

Remember that I ended up with two pieces like this for the top of the ceilidh dress bodice? And that the aim was to stitch the red lines together in a single smooth seam?

I appreciate that it’s not entirely clear from the rather cack-handed Inkscape illustration, but essentially the point is that I have been trying to insert an angular seam with a sharp point in the middle into a nice smooth curvy seam, and do so right-sides together so that they curve the same way, completely counter-intuitive to one of the fabric pieces (as for a standard princess seam). Plus it’s in silk taffeta which marks permanently any time a pin so much as goes near it.

Clear as mud, I appreciate, but any sewist reading this will currently be wincing and going “You’re trying to do what???”

So it is with great pride and enormous pleasure that I show you the right-hand side complete. I used every trick in the book – I cut my seam allowances down to 1/4″; I thread-basted by hand; I notched and clipped; I sewed reeeally slowly and pressed it on my tailor’s ham. In the picture I’ve got it sat on my knee to demostrate the 3D curving effect (as this part of the bodice will be covering a, erm, 3D curve). It isn’t nearly as puckered in reality either.

Oh yes! Now to do the other side the same…


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