The Ceilidh Dress – Puckering Hell

, if you’ll excuse my language.

I am having a nightmare of a time trying to sew uninterfaced silk taffeta without it puckering like crazy. Yes, my top tension’s reduced. Yes, I’m using a size 1.5 stitch length, yes, I’m sewing slowly, and yes, I’m down to a size 10 needle. I still get this:

That inside seam is now unpicked (again) and frayed beyond repair. I’m going to have to insert a 2 inch wide vertical strip in the back of the bodice because I don’t have enough fabric to recut the pieces. It’s a design feature, don’t you know? (Actually I think it will look quite cool like that anyway.)

But the question remains as to how to stop the fabric puckering quite so atrociously. Option one is to interface, either the whole of the back bodice or just the seams. Option two is to try and procure a size 8 microtex needle and keep my fingers crossed.

I’m leaning towards option two, but of course that means getting to a sewing shop and I can’t because I’m at work (doing nothing) all day. I’ll be going within a mile of my favourite sewing shop tomorrow actually, when I head out for psychotherapy, but it’s not open on a Wednesday because it’s That Sort Of Shop. So I’m looking at Thursday at the earliest before I can start sewing on this dress again.


What I really need is a day off in business hours to gather supplies and put some serious time in, but I’m not going to pull a sickie. This trying-to-be-honest thing is a pain in the backside sometimes.


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  1. kat
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 23:44:59

    I understand you trying to shop predicament even working shifts I never seem to be able to go shop at a normal time! good luck with the non-puckering. have you asked if anyone else has the needle you need? xx


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