Reading Around

A few days ago I was in our local library and looking for some books to take out (in connection with this) when I came across “The Complete Wedding Guide: a 21st century reference book for any bride-to-be” (here on Amazon). Well why not, I thought? Even if it doesn’t contain any useful information it’ll give me a laugh, right?!

As predicted, most of it isn’t relevant in any way, shape, or form, because it assumes that you’re having a traditional CofE wedding with all of the associated trimmings – and while it claims to cover any budget, that seems to range from ‘expensive’ to ‘hideously, hideously expensive’. It is awash with gender stereotypes, and also seems to be sponsored at least in part by Marks and Spencer (“Discuss with family who’s paying what (check out Price of Love chapter and don’t forget to include your wedding insurance. Contact Marks and Spencer for wedding insurance on xxxx xxx xxxx)”)

Still, there are some nice pictures and a few good ideas among the consumerist schmaltz. Most of all, reading it is making me feel all girly and excited about making our wedding a really special occasion. I come from a family of pragmatists who don’t really get worked up about these things – “That’ll do” seems to be our motto – but sometimes it feels like the baby’s being chucked out with the bath water. I no longer have any close female friends nearby with whom I can natter for ages about the pros and cons of seating covers, and my sister’s 200 miles away, embroiled in university life. So while shallow and unhelpful this book may be for actually planning our day, I’m really glad that I picked it up.


Notes for Inspiration

I am going to a wedding tomorrow! Someone else’s wedding, naturally, and I think it’s going to be rather different from what J and I will be heading for. Point one: they are gently encouraging the wearing of hats and fascinators. One of the first things that we decided was to ban posh hats and fascinators outright. Point two: they are getting married in St Albans cathedral. We will be getting married in a Quaker Meeting house in South Birmingham.

But fiscal and taste differences aside, it is going to be very interesting to see how they ‘do it’. J has suggested that I take a notebook with me, and that’s actually not a bad idea. You can trawl the ‘net for as many hours as you like, but that’s not quite the same as actually being at an event for experiencing the dos and don’ts of wedding hosting. Watch this space…!

Guardian Series: Man’s Guide to Marriage

I’m following this series with interest on the Guardian. I’ve found it useful for some of the things that we’re having (eg a reception) and also make me glad that we’re doing pretty much everything else differently!